Forthcoming Gigs:

Friday 27th October, Acousticish session, Jurnets Bar, Wensum Lodge, Norwich

Friday 10th November, supporting Black Sharks with Fool’s Moon, The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich

Previous Gigs:


21.10.17, Oxjam Norwich, The Birdcage (Stromm duo)

14.10.17, Elsing Village Hall, Record, CD & Music Market (Stromm duo)

10.09.17, Plantation Gardens Heritage Sunday, Earlham Road, Norwich. (Stromm duo)

20.08.17, Unplugged By The Sea 2017, The Crown, East Cliff, Sheringham, Norfolk  (Stromm duo)

19.08.17, Folk East Festival, Sanctuary Stage, Glemham Hall, Suffolk  (Stromm duo)

09.07.17, Norwich Lanes Fayre, Norwich (Stromm duo)

03.06.17, Wymondham Festival, Market Place, Wymondham

15.04.17, Ideal Surreal night @ The Owl Sanctuary with Pip Blom, Sink Ya Teeth and Yellow Hammers, Norwich

06.04.17, BFR night @ The Plasterers, Norwich (Stromm duo)

25.02.17, Private ‘Parlour’ gig, Norwich (Stromm duo)


26.11.16, In Your Shoes Single Release Party with LK and Andrew Taylor, The Mash Tun, Norwich.

18.11.16, Jurnets Music House Acoustic(ish) Session with Penguins Go Pop, Harpoon Blues Band, Kayleigh Watson & Circus Lounge.

13.10.16, The Plasterers, Norwich.  BFR night.  (Stromm duo)

11.09.16, Plantation Gardens, Earlham Road, Norwich.  Open-air afternoon gig.

08.09.16, The Plasterers, Norwich.  Bare Feet Records night.

12.08.16, The Undercroft, Norwich.  Asylum art exhibition opening.  (Stromm duo)

07.08.16, Harlequin Fayre, Norfolk.

22.07.16, Jurnets Bar, Wensum Lodge, Norwich.  (Stromm duo)

10.06.16, Oddbox Presents, The Murderers, Timber Hill.  With Guranfoe, The Fools Moon, Broads.

04.06.16, OosWolf @ Cactus Cafe, Magdalen St. With Orangudan, N.V Gillespie, Mssr Mortimer, Camille Davilla, Vicars of Stiffkey & Bebox.  (Stromm duo)

19.04.16, OST @ Cinema City, St Andrews St.  With Tom Conway and Robyn Astrid & The River Calling.


19.12.15, Cactus Cafe, Magdalen Streen.  (Stromm duo)

16.12.15, Current Undercurrent, Jurnets Bar, Wensum Lodge, Norwich.  (Stromm duo)

11.12.15, Acoustic(ish) Session, Jurnets Bar, Wensum Lodge, Norwich.

18.10.15, Norwich Fringe Festival, The Undercroft, Norwich.

10.10.15, Magdalen Street Celebration, flyover stage, Norwich.

26.07.15  Catton Park Fair, Norwich.  (Stromm duo)

25.07.15  Redwell Brewery, Trowse, Norwich.

05.07.15  Nepal Earthquake Fund Raiser, The York Tavern, York Street, Norwich.

05.07.15  Plantation Gardens, Earlham Road, Norwich.

28.06.15  Cactus Cafe, Magdalen Street, Norwich.

21.06.15  Norwich Art Car Boot 2015, Redwell Brewery, Trowse, Norwich.

29.05.15  Horo Quartet & Stromm, The Murderers, Timberhill Norwich.  (Stromm duo)

18.04.15   Andy Kirkham CD launch, Olives, Elm Hill, Norwich.

04.03.15   Grapevine @ Bedfords, with Millie Hirst & Harry Harris, Bedford Street, Norwich.

30.01.15  Supporting We Ghosts, Fat Cat Tap, Lawson Road, Norwich. (Stromm duo)

09.01.15   Acousticish Session, Jurnets Bar, Wensum Lodge, King Street, Norwich.


29.11.14   The Tilting Sky Festival,  Waterfront All Rooms Takeover, The Waterfront, Norwich.

24.10.14   World Music Night, Olives Cafe.  Charity  gig in aid of Norwich International Youth Project.

11.10.14   The Undercroft, Norwich. Eleven songs on the 11th.

11.10.14   The Magdalen Street Celebration, short acoustic set (Stromm duo)

27.09.14   Porkstock, Redwells Brewery, Trowse, Norwich.

19.09.14   Acoustic-ish Session, Jurnets Music House, Wensum Lodge, King Street, Norwich. 8.30pm.

08.08.14   HARVEST MOON MUSIC FESTIVAL, Beccles, Suffolk. (Stromm duo)

06.07.14   THE LANES FAYRE, Shashamane Stage,  St Margarets Church of Art, St Benedicts Street, Norwich.

05.06.14  JURNETS MUSIC HOUSE, Wensum Lodge, King Street, Norwich.

28.05.14   LOVELY PROMOTIONS @ The Ten Bells, Norwich with Steve Folk & Jane South and Horo Trio.

26.04.14   THE COURTYARD CAFE, Norwich.

12.02.14   OLIVES, Elm Hill, Norwich with Birds of Hell & The Wash.

05.02.14  GRAPEVINE @ BEDFORDS, Bedford Street, Norwich with Dan Wilde & Louise Jordan.


21.12.13   NORWICH ARTS CENTRE BAR, Play The Music Acoustic Showcase, Norwich.

17.12.13   HO HO HO S T (OST Christmas show), Cinema City, St Andrews St, Norwich.

13.12.13   JURNETS MUSIC HOUSE, Wensum Lodge, Norwich.

15.11.13   UNSIGNED FM, Queens Head, Kessingland.


08.09.13   LONGITUDE 2, Redwell Brewery, Norwich.

18.08.13   HOWLBACK HUM ALL DAY SUMMER SPECIAL, Norwich Playhouse, Norwich.

09.08.13   HARLEQUIN FAYRE, Somewhere near Norwich, Norfolk.

27.07.13    MINI  FESTIVAL @ Isleham Marina, Cambs.

05.07.13   JURNETS MUSIC HOUSE,  Acoustic(ish) Session, Norwich.

26.06.13   NEW MUSIC @ THE BIRDCAGE, Norwich.